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We designed our Moana Dining Chairs to highlight the beauty of Koa. The gently arched backrest shows the rich grain and color of highly figured Koa. The backrest is slightly higher than most dining chairs to create a more elegant, refined style. This dining chair style is available with or without arms. The seat is contoured perfectly to and allow you to comfortably enjoy an evening of dining pleasure. We can create seat cushions of any fabric we have available in our wide assortment of colors and styles. Or, you choose your own fabric and send it to us to create the seat cushions.

Our Moana Dining Chairs are 100% made in Hawaii by our own craftsmen. We are the largest fine furniture maker in Hawaii and we have been making fine furniture longer than any other company in Hawaii. The Koa we use to make these chairs comes from our private stock. All of our Koa comes from previously dead or fallen trees on the Big Island. For over 52 years, we have never cut down any Koa trees. More importantly, we take the lead in reforesting Koa on the Big Island for future generations to enjoy. We believe the beauty of Hawaii's Koa should be enjoyed by gracious Hawaiian homes around the world.



  • Moana Dining Chair (no arms) 20 x 20 x 39 MOANPBDC1
    Moana Dining Chair (with arms) 20 x 20 x 39 MOANPBDC2

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All Koa Furniture is shipped Air Freight from Hawaii to the Overseas. Crating & Packing are all done by Martin & MacArthur. Shipping is handled by a 1st Class Freight Fowarded. Costs for Crate/Pack & Shipping will vary for each piece of Furniture. Please call or email for more details.