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We are proud to feature the widest selection of wood bowls made by the finest craftsmen in Hawaii.   We are honored to offer the wood bowls and vessels of the most extraordinary Hawaii craftsmen including Francisco Clemente, Don Albrecht, Syd Vierra, Michael Smith, Gregg Smith, Aaron Hammer, Robert Woodward, Roger Sanchez, Pat and Peggy Bookey, Dino Muradian, Gene Buscher, and more.

Our talented craftsmen use a variety of different woods including Koa, Milo, Koa, Mango, macadamia, Purpleheart, Padauk, Norfolk Pine, Cook Pine, Sugi, Sapele, Ohia, Mahogany, and others.

Some of our craftsmen create bowls with wood-turning lathe.  Others carve the bowls with fine instruments to form shapes and contours that accent the beauty of the wood.

Each bowl is one of a kind and special.