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The craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur offer the widest selection of Koa boxes made in Hawaii.  We feature more than 10 different craftsmen making their own styles of Koa boxes. We guarantee we have the Koa box to suit your taste, style, and price level.

All of our Koa boxes start with hand-chosen Koa wood from the Big Island.   Koa grows only in Hawaii; no place else in the world. Koa is known for its rippling curl pattern that runs perpendicular to the wood grain.  Our wide variety of Koa boxes includes styles with pull-out drawers, inset trays, cabinet-style doors, hidden hinges and secret compartments. Some of our boxes have marquetry wood inlays while others feature a frame-and-panel construction that highlights the exquisite beauty of Koa.

Owners of our boxes have a wide variety of uses for them.  Of course, our Koa boxes can be used for jewelry, but many owners use them as gentleman’s valets for a dresser, desk accessories, kitchen recipes, and reception desk organizers.  Koa boxes are widely used by both men and women. So, the only question is, which martin & MacArthur Koa box is ideal for you?