Koa Wood iPhone Covers

Koa Wood iPhone Covers

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Our craftsmen in Hawaii designed Koa wood cases and covers for the latest versions of iPhone.  The Koa cases are designed with a magnetized flap to protect your iPhone.  The flap folds back completely for convenience while using the phone.  Our Koa cases attach to the back of the iPhone easily and conveniently.

Our craftsmen also design stylish iPhone covers with images of the paintings of Hawaii artist Tim Nguyen.  The rich, warm colors of Hawaii show beautifully. These covers are made with durable polycarbonate for long-lasting wear.

We use our own private stock of Koa from the Big Island.  We hand-selected the Koa to be particularly dense.  Less than 10% of all Koa is suitable for creating precise personal accessories like these covers.

Koa is a hardwood that grows only in Hawaii.  We are proud to be a leader in reforesting Koa. We never cut down or use wood from trees that are cut down.  We only use Koa wood from previously dead or fallen trees.  For over 53, years, we have been the fine furniture maker of Hawaii, longer than any other company in the history of Hawaii.  Today, we employ over 35 craftsmen in our Furniture Workshop in Honolulu, HI.