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Clef Love Seat (CLFLVS1C)

Clef Love Seat (CLFLVS1C)


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The Clef loveseat is the smaller version of the Clef Bench that Jon Martin designed based on the original created by Henry Weeks for Queen Lili'uokalani over 100 years ago. The original can still be found at Washington Place in Honolulu HI. Weeks was inspired by the treble clef and the Queen's love for music. Made in Hawaii by the master craftsmen of Martin &; MacArthur at our own Furniture Workshop in Kalihi. Please call Martin & MacArthur for customization details.


Clef 55 x 22 x 40 Select CLFLVS1

Clef 55 x 22 x 40 Curly CLFLVS1C (pictured)

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