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Style makes a man. Looking sharp starts with a close shave with a Koa-handled razor and the finest men’s grooming products made by St. James of London.  Only Martin & MacArthur has this great selection of men’s grooming products.

Our Hawaii craftsmen lathe turn Koa to create Koa shavers and badger brushes.  We have wear-tested these Koa shavers to ensure that the grip and balance of them is perfect for a man’s hand.  The badger brushes are made with genuine badger hair and have a durability you can trust. 

St James of London creates a premium line of men’s shave cream, colognes and body washes. St. James is one of the oldest, most established haberdasheries in England.  Founded in 1953 in the dawn of the new era following WWII, St. James offered an all-natural men’s grooming regimen catering to the British gentleman.  To this day, all of St. James products are made in small batches in London.