Bamboo Floor Lamp

Bamboo Floor Lamp


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Our Hawaii craftsmen pay homage to the retro-chic styles of mid-century modern Hawaiian décor. Back in the day, table lamps fashioned from common bamboo trunks were a standard item seen across many plantation homes in the islands.  Today, our Hawaii craftsmen carve solid Koa wood in the shapes of those bamboo lamp pedestals. 

Our Koa Bamboo lamps harken back to an earlier time when Hawaiian families relaxed together in their living rooms and the only mobile device was the bicycle in the garage.

For over 60 years, we have been the fine Koa furniture makers of Hawaii.  We only use Koa wood from previously fallen trees.  We never cut down any trees.  In fact, we are a leader in Koa reforestation in Hawaii.


63 inch H

All furniture pieces are one of a kind and the pictured item is a representation of what may be available.

Price includes custom box for shipping.

Packed and crated in strong boxes.

Prices listed are for in-stock furniture. All special order furniture that is not in-stock will be an additional 10%.


All Koa Furniture is shipped Air Freight from Hawaii to the Overseas. Crating & Packing are all done by Martin & MacArthur. Shipping is handled by a 1st Class Freight Forwarded.Costs for Crate/Pack & Shipping will vary for each piece of Furniture.Please call or email for more details.