Hawaiian Weapon "Kepa Lima"

Hawaiian Weapon "Kepa Lima"

MAIK13109 & SB

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The original kepa lima was created from the tooth of the great white shark, mounted on a wooden handle that fit the palm of a hand, like a concealed weapon. When King David Kalākaua sought to revitalize older cultural practices of Hawaiian indigenous people, he formed a secret society known as the Hale Nauā, based on the tradition of determining the legitimacy of genealogical ties to chiefly lines. Kalākaua created this secret society to revive Hawaiian cultural practices that had waned after the introduction of Western religious and social customs. The Hale Nauā was likened to a Masonic lodge because outsiders were unaware of the rites practiced by its members. The kepa lima was the symbol of members of the secret society of King David Kalakaua, Hale Naua. As such, the kepa lima signified belonging, and was not used by its members as a weapon.


  • Weapon Framed: approx. 12.25" L x 2.75" W x 12.25" H
  • Bone Blade, mixed media
  • Price includes custom shipping crate


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