Koa Narrow Bangle

Koa Narrow Bangle


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Hawaii craftsmen Erik and Hillery Gunther carve bangles of all sizes from dark, lustrous Koa wood grown and harvested on their Big Island plantation. Koa bangles are a timeless treasure for Hawaiian women. They are worn by women of all ages and often passed down from one generation to another. Koa bangles symbolize the natural balance perpetuated by the early Hawaiians.

The Gunther family has called Hawaii home for nearly 50 years. They are self-professed lovers of the aina (land). Besides creating beautiful Koa bangles, the Gunthers own the largest certified organic coffee farm in Hawaii. The Gunthers strive to provide native animals an open, natural habitat. Several endangered animal species call the Gunther plantation home, including the Koloa Duck, the Hawaiian Hawk, the Hawaiian Bat and the very rare Hawaiian Owl.


  • Koa
  • Sizes available 7" - 8.5"
  • Width is approximately 4-6mm
  • Color varies


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