Koa Shaving Kit #1c - Hybrid Mach (Various Colors) by Dale Dennison

Koa Shaving Kit #1c - Hybrid Mach (Various Colors) by Dale Dennison

BAMB19330-RED + BAMB28519

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We are honored to have retired U.S. Navy veteran Dale Dennison creating beautiful Koa personal accessory items among other fine works. Dale combines our private stock of curly Koa from the Big Island with vibrant colors of resin and semi-precious stones. Every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Dale strives to use colored resins that highlight the natural hues of the Koa itself.

Dale creates a contoured razor barrel with exacting balance for effortless grip in the palm of the hand. We coat our razors with a premium marine varnish to make the wood waterproof.


Koa Razor

  • Gillette Mach Blade
  • Approx. 4" L x .5-.75" D
  • Resin comes in a variety of colors/patterns, subject to availability. If you desire a specific color, please choose from our drop down menu when you purchase. If you choose No Color Preference then you will receive a random available color.

Koa Shave Tree

  • Single Arm
  • Metal Base
  • Approx. 3" D x 5" H
  • Shave Tree comes with metal base (not pictured). Koa-base Shave Tree (pictured) is discontinued and unavailable. Shaft remains koa.


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