Mini Pink/Red Ginger Sushi Dish by Jeanne Graham

Mini Pink/Red Ginger Sushi Dish by Jeanne Graham


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Honolulu glass designer Jeanne creates gorgeous Hawaiian floral glass plates in her home on Oahu, HI. Jeanne's garden is full of the Hawaiian flowers that give her inspiration and solace. Jeanne cuts colored pieces of glass individually for each leaf and petal for every flower on these plates. She then fires these plates in her kiln to melt the glass pieces together.

Besides making fine glass art, Jeanne is an avid dancer, having danced hula for nine years. She moved to Hawaii in 2006 from her home in Washington State. She was enthralled by the beauty of Hawaii, particularly the lush tropical plumeria, red gingers, and hibiscus.

Jeanne makes each flower plate individually, so no two are alike just like the beautiful flowers of Hawaii.


  • Approx. 2.5" L x 2.5" W


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