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The finest Hawaii craftsmen create Koa outrigger canoes in scaled proportion to the actual Hawaiian canoes.  Francis Pimmel has studied Polynesian and Hawaiian canoes for over four decades.  He meticulously builds each canoe with Koa wood and rigging in exactly dimensions to the original canoes. Different designs were used by early Hawaiians for different purposes – long voyages, day-long fishing trips, competitive racing, or war ships.  Francis creates a prized design of the Hokulea, the trans-Pacific voyaging vessel that is believed to have brought early Polynesians to Hawaii for the first time.


Greg Eaves creates stunning Koa canoes with deep, rich patinas.  Greg canoes are typically larger -- ranging 38” – 40” long. These canoes provide a focal center for a console table, credenza or shelf of honor.  Greg also creates a Koa canoe that functions as a standard cribbage board. The paddles are used as the pegs.  Perfect for the cribbage lover.


Greg Scott creates gorgeous outrigger canoes with sleek, streamlined bodies.  These canoes reflect tight craftsmanship and extreme attention to every detail. 


Followers of Hawaiian canoes appreciate the workmanship with the craftsmen we feature.