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Martin & MacArthur is delighted to feature the wood platters of talented Big Island craftsmen Mark and Karen Stebbins.  The Stebbins’ create exquisite platters using a variety of wood techniques including lathe-turning, segmentation, marquetry and pyrography.  Each platter has a combination of Hawaiian hardwoods including Koa, grown on the Big Island.

The Stebbins create each platter based on their desire to draw attention to the focal center of the piece and create a sense of movement and progression.  The Interlace platter is influenced by the work of artist M.C. Escher.

Wood platters such as these are often used as design elements in a room, providing an attention-grabbing anchor to the room’s décor.  While these wood platters have no functional use, it could be argued that they satisfy our desire to admire what is hand-crafted and beautiful.