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Rock Cross is a Roscoe Award winner for contemporary furniture design.  Rock applies his own unique approach melding classical woodwork and modern forms to imaginative table top sculptures. Originally from California, Rock and his wife have lived in Hawaii for over 20 years.

Soft lines, sensuous curves, and a sense of movement are accomplished through a technique using laminated hardwood veneers, a method used by fine furniture craftsmen as early as the 18th century. Similar techniques can be seen in the splats of chairs by Thomas Chippendale and the work of such luminaries as Frank Lloyd Wright , Marcel Breuer, and Charles Eames. The graceful free flowing objects that Rock creates embody the concept of "furniture as art."

Rock starts with the finest exotic woods from around the world, including obechee from Africa, Italian maple , and birch from Finland. Slender layers of these beautiful woods are pared, dried, and sometimes colored with two or more contrasting pigments. These elements are then joined in alternating layers of color and wood texture. Rock then hand sculpts each design, revealing sinuous patterns of form and color. Finally, the object is completed with more than ten coatings of protective finish.

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