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Our Koa Eternity Rings and Accessories are all made with our own private stock of Koa from the Big Island and tungsten, the eternity metal for a shine that lasts forever.  In designing our personal accessories, we focused on creating elegant, classic styles for men and women that will be timeless in their appeal.  We were also committed to creating a line of personal accessories that was exquisitely-crafted and made from the finest materials.

When it comes to selecting Koa, no one has more experience than Martin & MacArthur. After all, we have been making fine Koa furniture longer than anyone else in the history of Hawaii.  We hand-select Koa from private plantations in Hawaii, many of which have existed for over 100 years.  We choose only the finest, curly Koa for our furniture and personal accessories.  We leave the rest of the Koa to everyone else.  We understand that the curly Koa for personal accessories needs to have different characteristics than the curly Koa we use to make our furniture.  When you buy Koa personal accessories from Martin & MacArthur, you are assured of the finest curly Koa available.  No one else can make that claim.  After all, we are the only company distinguished to be "the fine furniture maker of 'Iolani Palace."

Tungsten is the superior metal for rings and personal accessories because it is extremely hard and never scratches. Tungsten is 4x harder than titanium and 10x harder than 18K gold. Tungsten measures 8-9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Diamonds are the hardest, measuring 10 on the Mohs scale. Due to its extreme hardness, our Koa Tungsten personal accessories have a shine that lasts forever. Our Koa-tungsten personal accessories are individually hand-crafted using diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond tooling.

In summary, we use the finest materials to make our Koa Eternity personal accessories.  First, we use specially-selected curly Koa from our own private stock.  Second, we only use tungsten, the hardest metal for a shine that lasts forever.