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Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants & Necklaces

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The craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur create handsome pendants and chains for men.  Hawaii practitioner and renaissance craftsmen Dewey creates stunning makau fish hook pendants with dark curly Koa and other Hawaii-grown and exotic woods like Milo, Pheasant Wood, Cocobolo, Purple Heart, Padauk, Macadamia and Ulua.  Each of Dewey’s fish hook pedants to tightly tied with cord wrapping in the style of old Hawaii.

Hawaii craftsmen Manny and Latif carve beautiful pendants from Koa and cow bone in shapes of Makau fish hooks, crosses and sea creatures. Each pendant is polished and attached to an adjustable cord.

Please do not wear these pendants in the water, while bathing or showering or when swimming.