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We feature the most beautiful Koa bowls and Koa boxes made in Hawaii by the finest craftsmen. Each craftsman has his/her own style, so these bowls and boxes are varied and unique.

Koa bowls, known as umeke, were used by early Hawaiians to serve food, family style. Often the meal created an activity for aloha and welcome to friends and neighbors, as well. All were welcomed to partake and share. Today, the umeke, or Koa calabash bowl, is found in many gracious Hawaiian homes in the entry or living room. The umeke symbolizes welcome and aloha, and an acknowledgement of the heritage that made Hawaii paradise on earth.

We feature the Koa bowls from fine craftsmen such as Roger Sanchez, John Uyehara, Don Albrecht, Gene Buscher, Chris Allen, and other wonderful artists in Hawaii.

We are also delighted to feature bowls made with other Hawaiian hardwoods made by Syd Vierra, Todd Campbell, Ralph Michaelis, Tim Shafto, and others.

The Koa box has become synonymous with gracious Hawaiian living. The boxes we feature are made by the best craftsmen in Hawaii. Each uses his own style to make the box – some with drawers, some with lids, some with feet, and others that simply lay flat on a desk or dresser. We are delighted to feature the Koa boxes made by distinguished masters in Hawaii such as Roy Tsumoto, Bobby Yamauchi, Chuck Dominguez making Dellera boxes, Dave Reisland, Joel Lawson, Marcus Castaing, DeEtte & Allen, Nate Jackson, and others.

For something extraordinary and delightful, we feature the segmented vessels of Gregg Smith and the round Koa platters of Tim Shafto, and the rectangle Koa trays of Dave Witkus.