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Wall Decor

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We are proud to feature a wide variety of wall décor items made in Hawaii by our fine craftsmen using our private stock of Big Island Koa wood.  Each item is designed and created in Hawaii by craftsmen with a passion for using Hawaii’s prized Koa wood in innovative ways for today’s home or office.

Our most popular item is a topographical sculpture of the Hawaiian Islands carved from solid Koa wood.  The set of Hawaiian Islands come with eight separate pieces with hooks in the back of each for easy mounting on any surface.  Our Koa islands come in two sizes to fit any wall.

Choose from Wall art which depicts scenes from Hawaiian life cut through pieces of Koa wood.  Many owners display multiple pieces off our Koa wall art together on one wall creating a dramatic display of fine craftsmanship.

Our most popular wall décor items are wall hangars made with real Koa wood with brass hooks.  These Koa wall hangers come of a variety of designs such as Hibiscus flower, Gecko lizard, and left and right Slippahs.  Enthusiasts mount these wall hangers near entry doors for keys or coats. But, you can use them anywhere, including bathrooms, kitchens, garages, or bedrooms.