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Our Hawaii craftsmen design and create innovative key rings using our private stock of Big Island Koa.  Key rings have evolved into fashion accessories.  As people have fewer metal keys and more pass codes, key rings have become a means to show off your personal style and taste. Key rings express your personality and even your political inclinations. Think about it, what does your key ring say about you?

Our Hawaii craftsmen designed stylish Koa-metal key rings in fun shapes like a Pineapple, Lady Bug, Honu, Globe, and Koi fish. These key rings all contain a key ring and a carabiner for easy attaching onto a bag or handle.

Hawaii craftsmen also create lathe-turned keyrings with resin accents.  These Koa key rings are as functional as they are beautiful. Different styles include a pen, toothpick holder, emergency whistle, pill holder, and stylus.

Martin & MacArthur Koa key rings are accessories you can’t do without.