Feather Lei

Feather Lei

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Boris Kekaiuluikahikina Huang creates feather lei hulu using dyed and natural feathers from goose, pheasant, duck and peacock.  No endangered species are used.  His styles range from traditional Hawaiian to contemporary designs.

Boris hopes others will experience the heritage which inspires his feather art.  His designs and technique are rooted in traditional Hawaiian feather techniques and inspired by his native Taiwanese heritage.  Every choice of color and placement of the materials has meaning and significance.

Boris is proud to be an apprentice of the highly renowned Hawaiian Feather Lei Master, Aunty Mary Lou Kekuewa.

He has created feather lei for celebrities, dignitaries and special events. Many renowned personalities proudly own and wear Mr. Huang’s lei hulu, including Nobel Peace Prize recipient Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi; actor Jim Nabors; Governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie; Honolulu Mayors; Hawaii Theatre manager Burton White; performer and kumu hula’s Robert Cazimero, Aloha DeLire and Tony Conjugacion; and many more.

Boris is delighted and honored to share his skills in Hawaiian lei making.  He does so with respect for his kumu and the rich heritage, traditions and culture of Hawaii.