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Hawaiian ornaments are a perfect way to bring Hawaiian style to your Holiday tree.  We have a wide variety of the finest ornaments to keep the spirit of Hawaii alive every year.

Choose from our Koa 3-D ornaments made by our own Furniture craftsmen in Hawaii.  Each of these Koa ornaments come in two-interlocking pieces that easily fit together to form a 3-D ornament.  When the season is over, simply separate the two pieces and store flat.  No bulky boxes needed.  Our most popular Koa ornament styles are the Coconut Tree, Ukulele, Pineapple, Christmas Tree and Hawaiian Snow Flake.

Our newest ornaments series is Koa clad in rhodium. This is a modern take on classic silver ornaments with real Koa wood carved in the center of each.  These elegant ornaments come with red bow ribbons.

Another best-selling style of Hawaiian ornaments are our cloisonne’ ornaments made with layers of enamel fired onto metal.  The Hawaiian scenes depicted in these ornaments change annually so you can continue collecting them every year.

Our wildly popular glass ornaments are painted inside out.  Each is individually hand-painted by artist who capture popular scenes of gracious Hawaiian living.  These painted glass ornaments come in a wide variety of shape and designs.