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When it comes to beautiful art work by Hawaii’s artists, look no further. We feature the originals and giclees of fine Hawaii artists like Tim Nguyen and Edyta Franczak. We also have artwork available from other renowned artists. Our artists include:

Marian Fieldson

Marian Fieldson uses the natural patterns from lava formations from volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii to make her beautiful platters. She collects a textured mold directly from the cooled lava. The mold is fireproof and goes into her kilns in the studio where she fills it with iridescent glass, shards, flakes and powders to recreate the brilliant colors of fire and water. The glass is brought up over 1450 degrees and the various components melt or “fuse” into a new design capturing the lava dips and swirls. The bits of glass can be arranged in limitless patterns with color, texture, transparency and line elements plus control of degree of melting. There is always the excitement of serendipity with so many factors in play .The new piece of textured glass is slowly heated again until it softens and sags into a form. Finishing steps involve shaping with diamond tools and firing again with 22 karat gold accents. None of the plates will ever be exactly the same. This glass is functional as well as artistic. Marian makes lava inspired pieces from 3 inches to big decorative standing waves. Please use your glass dishes, they will hand wash. Not microwave safe, though.

Evan Schauss

Maui glass artist Evan Schauss began pursuing his passion for glass at age 12. He studied with glass masters like Dale Chihuly, Pino Signoretto, and Lino Tagliapeitra in Washington, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Iceland. Evan stokes his imagination to create striking glass sculptures that are one-of-a-kind works of art. Evan gives back to the Maui community by supporting at-risk youth, teaching them how to use their imagination and work with their hands. We are proud to be the exclusive retailer for Evan Schauss, an extraordinary talent.

Chris Lowry and Christopher Richards

Chris Lowry and Christopher Richards take the art of fine glass blowing and sculpting to new heights with their colorful bowls and glass art. These two artists are partners in a glass blowing studio in Makawao, in upcountry Maui on the road to Haleakala.

Both have studied glass blowing under masters – Lowry studied under Pino Signoretto at Pilchuck and Richards studied with several well-known Seattle glass artists.

Lowry says, "Our work should be captivating and inspiring." Indeed!

We are proud to feature the widest selection of scale model Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Made by Hawaii craftsmen such as Francis Pimmel, Gregg Eaves, Bill Coulter, Dustin Hesse, and David Young.

We also are the retailer of Koa surfboards made by legendary shapers Lon Klein and Kenny Tilton.

Juno Galang

Celebrated Hawaii artist Juno Galang communicates his feelings and emotions through his paintings. “I want you to feel the canvas pulsating with life, so that it invites you to step inside and become a part of it,” says Juno.

Juno was born in Manila, Philippines and was naturally inclined to drawing in his youth. Today, Juno’s work radiates first hand experience of all aspects of Hawaii life. When he is not exploring the natural beauty of Hawaii, he can be found painting in his light-filled studio in Honolulu.

We believe Juno captures the spirit of Hawaii with passion, style, and understanding.

Tim Cotterill

Growing up in England, Tim Cotterill would roam the lush countryside in search of frogs, newts and toads. Tim was lured to Venice CA in 1990 where he began creating bronze sculptures of his favorite amphibians. He believes that each frog has a special personality and attitude – just like people. Tim has collectors worldwide who amass wide assortments of the magical creatures. Asian cultures believe frogs are good luck, and sure enough, people swear that their fortunes have improved after adopting one of Tim’s frogs. Each frog comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist himself.

Rauyl Nakayama

We are delighted to feature the colorful ceramic flowers of Honolulu artist Rauyl Nakayama. Rauyl served our country in the Vietnam War, and holding a Dan ranking (black belt) in Aikido.

He has been a ceramic artist since 1990 and says he now expresses his philosophy and social comment through his clay and mixed media sculpture.

Rauyl’s ceramic flowers are food safe and can be used to serve pupus or desserts. These delightful ceramics put Hawaiian delight to every table setting. Handmade and hand painted right here on Oahu. Truly Gracious Hawaiian Living!

Bob Hoenig

Maui artist Bob Hoenig designs and fires each of these ceramic plates. Please see "Information Tab" for size details. He started drawing Hawaii’s marine sea life. He then applied these drawings to ceramic molds, He hand glazes and signs each piece.

Bob and his wife Mary Lou love entertaining with pupus (appetizers) and sushi. So, many of his ceramic dishes are perfect for small portions and casual dining. Perfect for gracious Hawaiian dining.

Chris Barela

Chris Barela’s love for the water has been life long. Growing up at the beach and becoming a pro surfer allowed Chris to travel the world. At the peak of Chris’s surfing career he had made it into the finals at the Banzai Pipeline Masters. Having traveled the world’s oceans Chris retired from professional surfing however, he still wanted to stay connected, that connection inspired him to create his first line of bronze sculptures, an amazingly life like collection of big game fish , Barela created his own billiant patina formulas that are now widly used internationally . It is with out question that Barela has become one of the worlds best sculptors/patina artist, which grants him the honor of being one of the most influential artist of today.